Intelligent Web Pay employs a team of highly skilled IT and IS professionals to take care of your professional service needs. Our staff has a wide range of experience. This allows them to use industry standards, best practices, and the best tools available to develop customized solutions for your business. We will work closely with you during development and through implementation but that's not the end. Intelligent Web Pay is there to support you after implementation to make sure things continue to go smoothly. Intelligent Web Pay has built its reputation on quality products and quality service. Together we can help you get the most from your investment in Intelligent Web Pay.

Project Management

IWP has created a proven deployment process for delivering the Cloud Based Agent. It includes a detailed project plan and checklists to insure a timely and efficient implementation.

Programming & Consulting

Our customers occasionally require assistance in developing a process unique to their integration of WebAR. Intelligent Web Pay engineers are available to provide programming services. Our Software Engineers are proficient in various programming languages. These services are offered on a per quote basis, charging for time and materials as determined by a pre-approved statement of work.