Intelligent Web Pay Cloud Based Agent

What if you could clone your best agent? What if they could work 24 hours a day and not need a paycheck, health benefits, take vacations, or get sick? How much more revenue could you drive?

Intelligent Web Pay's Cloud Based Agent is a fully configurable, web-based decision engine that guides debtors through a carefully tailored path to achieve the most profitable collection result. The Cloud Based Agent can accept payments, make payment arrangements, resolve disputes, offer settlements, collect information, and much more. The Cloud Based Agent can be configured to use InterProse's patent pending Virtual Agent avatar, a friendly face for a sometimes difficult situation. Your avatar can be configured by gender, ethnicity, attire, and language to provide your customer with a pleasant and professional experience.

Designed for Intelligent Debt Collection

The Cloud Based Agent is designed specifically for debtors. As such, it facilitates debt settlements and payments in a friendly yet effective manner. This process helps to secure payment plans that are fulfilled through automatic monthly payments driven by credit card or ACH commitments.

Powered by a real time decision engine, the Cloud Based Agent gives collection agencies the ability to negotiate with the debtor online by offering payment plans, custom settlements options, and dispute resolution within state, federal, and agency-defined guidelines.

Intellegent Debt Collection

Built-in Payment Processing

Built-in payment processing and direct integration with the agency's accounts receivable system is included. Once the debtor makes a payment, it is processed automatically and is immediately posted to the debtor's account.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated Cloud Based Agent avatar.
  • Configurable Real Time Decision Engine.
  • Integrates with your current website with no modifications
  • Accepts payments in full - via ACH or credit card
  • Creates payment plans within the guidelines you define either predefined or constructed in real time
  • Create custom settlement offerings based upon client, status, balance, age or combinations of data elements.
  • Gather debtor information to aid in future collectability such as phone numbers, addresses, employment information, and more.

Pricing Structure

The Cloud Based Agent is an on-demand solution. There is no hardware to purchase, no software to install and virtually no IT resources are required. There are several pricing models available but the most popular requires no up-front investment and no on-going cost. Contact us for more information on our risk-free deployment model.

Pricing Structure